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While standalone healthcare LMS platforms do exist, some are offered within healthcare compliance software that provide aligned training and certification solutions, and some are industry-specific offerings by generalized corporate learning management software that have invested in the development and training of the medical industry.

To qualify for inclusion in the Healthcare LMS category, a product must:

Comply with industry regulations like the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Enable the creation, administering, and accessing of online medical courses
Track and report on the learning progress of individual medical professionals.
Around its core business, System Solutions has developed a full range of services, ranging from an ‘online virtual store’ for the supply of current IT products, to ‘business consultancy’ services, including provision or recruitment of staff and a training center in France. Today, System Solutions operates its own data centers, providing a response to the growing demand for managed services and IT ‘as a service’.
The greatest value of the company rests on our people, their commitment and their expertise are our most important assets to help our customers to reach their objectives Our company is proud to have obtained three consecutive years, the label “Best Place to Work »In constant evolution, our company is constantly in need of talents, do not hesitate to send us your application.
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